We are
Manufacturers of Custom & Bespoke Jewelry


We manufacture Bespoke Jewelry 



We design and manufacture
custom and bespoke pieces of jewelry that is not only iconic but one of a kind.
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 Original Handcrafted Jewelry

It all began with Kishore Shah and his four brothers who had established
J hind Jewellers in 1954. The journey continues till date with Rajesh
Shah, son of Kishore Shah who has taken over the enterprise. The
business has grown, gained valuable customers and given unparalleled
and covetable Jewellery. 

The rewarding part of custom handmade Jewellery, is that it is a visual
representation of yourself. Designed by us. Inspired by you. Each piece
is made to bring moments of delight to the wearer. J hind Jewellers is far
more than a business, it is an “emblem” of society which contributes
towards the trends and fashion into the world of art. The company’s
philosophy is client satisfaction. Bijouterie which blings on the retina. A
perfect combination of design, quality and price.

Join us for a venture of a lifetime and an investment of a lifetime at
JHind Jewellers where Quality never goes out of Fashion.